Would you like to volunteer?

If you would like to get involved in making this event special and become one of the highlight events of the Aberdeen summer we are interested to hear from you. Jobs include being part of the planning group which put all the elements of the event together including: Marketing & PR, social media, fundraising, logistical planning, performers and catering stalls recruitment and volunteer recruitment.  

On the day there are lots to do including artist liaison, waste management, information points, evaluation and documenting, live social media and the construction & break down of the site.



If you think you like to be part of a high energy and diverse team of people and take on a role in the Aberdeen Mela _ One World Day planning and delivery then we would like to hear for you. Please either us the form or contact details for more information or to register your interest.

Please also use the form below if you would like to make an application to perform, run a workshop or other activity.

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